dance project



REVOLVE Dance Project was created by professional ballet dancers eager to explore artistic collaboration, create world premiere works, and connect with their audiences. Focused on featuring powerful, enthusiastic artists, REVOLVE integrates live musicians throughout the creation process, giving a uniquely dynamic voice to its of-the-moment choreographers and seasoned dancers. 

“Dance makes you hear music differently. Live music makes you dance- automatically,” says REVOLVE founder and Artistic Director Kirsten Evans. “The two are so inherently connected, when experienced live, they even make artists out of their audiences. When I see someone tapping their foot at a jazz club or bobbing their head to the busker in the park, I am reminded of the effects of live music on even those who do not call themselves dancers. Conversely, when I listen to music and close my eyes, I see movement and dancing, even though I am not a choreographer myself. As my dancing career progresses, I am finding myself more and more excited by the relationship between music, dance, and choreography. I am inspired to cultivate works by living artists and bring them to the Providence audience in unique venues and spaces. That is REVOLVE, for me. The dance revolves around the music revolves around the dance.”