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REVOLVE Dance Project's inaugural season will present 4 world premieres, including an 18-minute ensemble piece featuring original music by Juilliard graduate and virtuosic cellist, Daniel Hass. The score, entitled "Runner's High" explores the enigma of the euphoric feeling of absolute presence in one's body. Read on for a peek inside the composer's mind...

ORIGINAL SCORE: Runner's High, by Daniel Hass

"In writing Runner's High, I wanted to celebrate the striving, the reaching for a better day, a better year, a better present. Life is a marathon and we are often out-run by the passing of time, our own motion seemingly in delay against an indifferent fate. But the mysterious, fleeting moment of absolute peace- like a runner with no footsteps, just gliding through space- is a purpose in itself, a deeper high, even, than the arrival at the finish line."


-Daniel Hass, Composer

Runner's High Score

Runner's High will be a true collaboration of dance and music, featuring choreography by Kurt Douglas and live accompaniment by Daniel Hass on cello, Josh Knowles on violin, and Cameron MacIntosh on drums. Dancers include Azamat Asangul, Kailee Felix, Kirsten Evans, Mamuka Kikalishvili, and Alex Lantz.

WORLD PREMIERE DANCE: New Work by Alex Lantz

One of REVOLVE Dance Project's 4 World Premieres, Alex Lantz's new work explores same-sex love through the medium of dance. Inspired by Ocean Vuong's poem "Homewrecker", the piece will feature two female dancers, Brenna DiFrancesco and Kailee Felix, with live music by violinist Josh Knowles. 

Kailee Felix, photo by Kirsten Evans

"Throughout most of my career, I have danced heterosexual love duets. For my new piece, I wanted to explore homosexual love in dance and the little ways it's different."
-Alex Lantz, Choreographer


This world premiere will be made in collaboration with violinist Josh Knowles, who will accompany the dancers with his original song, "Ember".

“Ember is one of those rare and special songs that seemed like it was given to me from somewhere else. I remember I was improvising on violin to accompany a yoga class one morning, and it just kind of spilled out as a fully formed idea. There’s a wistfulness and longing to it, but ultimately I think there’s a sense of beauty and resolve that builds as the piece progresses. The image of an ember burning on even after the fire has gone out seems like a fitting reflection of the sentiment that comes to life in the music.”

-Josh Knowles, Composer

New Work by Cameron MacIntosh

REVOLVE's inaugural performance will kick off with a duet for drums and dance. Featuring an original composition played by Cameron MacIntosh and choreography by Jorge Rullán, drums and dance come together in an explosive conversation, highlighting the dynamism of movement and expression through both mediums.

“The relationship between dance and rhythm is a primal connection that exemplifies a region or culture in its own distinct way. When the task comes to me as the drummer to compose for this balance specifically, many references come to mind as springboards, evoking a celebratory air that is anything but technical. Though certain ‘intricacies’ may present themselves here, I always keep a humorous saying in mind I once heard an old jazz drummer say; ‘If the toes ain’t tappin’, it don’t mean jack!’ With that in mind, I looked to the rhythm that connects us all, the human heartbeat, to establish a groundwork with which to build from.“

- Cameron MacIntosh, Drummer

This World Premiere will be choreographed by young, up-and-coming choreographer Jorge Rullán, entirely via zoom. 

WORLD PREMIERE DANCE: New Work by Dara Nicole

Choreographer Dara Nicole will lend her bold voice to a track from Providence singer/songwriter Chrissy Stewart's debut album, House of Christina. The piece will feature two dancers, Azamat Asangul and Kailee Felix, in a pas de deux.

Dara Capley
"In this duet, I plan to explore the idea that due to the fact that humans are in a perpetual state of flux, there is no such thing as a long term relationship, romantic or otherwise. We are constantly becoming new versions of ourselves as we grow and learn and evolve, and yes, that evolution is subtle at times but the idea that we remain the same despite the passing of time is false. To me, love is being present and receptive enough to meet every new version of those we have close bonds with without judgement or preconceived ideas about who we expect them to be."

-Dara Nicole, Choreographer


Viktor Plotnikov's contemporary reinvention of the classic "Dying Swan" removes the swan's soul from her body and sees the two twisting together as the Swan reflects on her life through the mirror of the lake. Roger Williams Park lends the perfect natural backdrop for this achingly beautiful depiction, danced by Kirsten Evans and Alex Lantz accompanied by Daniel Hass on cello.

photo by Janice Park

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