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Kobe Atwood Courtney was introduced to dance through Richmond Ballet’s Outreach program Minds in Motion. They trained with Richmond Ballet, under the encouragement of Jasmine Grace. They finished their training at San Francisco Ballet School. There, they were fortunate to perform pieces such as Balanchine’s “Stars and Stripes” and an excerpt from Jiri Kylian’s “Sarabande”.They then spent two years working with Orlando Ballet. They were able to learn from many different works such as “Lyric Pieces” by Jessica Lang and “Lambarena” by Val Caniparoli. They continued their career with Festival Ballet Providence, where they were able to dance leading roles in pieces choreographed by artists like Yury Yanowsky, Ja’ Malik, and Lia Cirio. They also recently started their choreographic career, setting work for Rhode Island Women’s Choreography Project. They look forward to the next chapter of their career, joining Complexions Contemporary Ballet for this season. 

Kobe Atwood Courtney
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