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Jane Pickens Theater


Collaborations for Revolve Dance Project x Jane Pickens Theater 2022

Kurt Douglas and Kailee Felix in rehearsal

"In Everything"

Choreography: Kurt Douglas
Composer: Josh Knowles
Dancers: Full Company
Musicians: Josh Knowles (violin), Daniel Hass (cello), Cameron MacIntosh (drums)

"What a gift to live in this space of collaboration with the dancers of Revolve. I am honored to return for my second season. The music, composed by Josh Knowles is absolutely entrancing. I am so inspired to create with these incredible artists. Working in the studio with the dancers is feeding my soul in every way. This is going to be an amazing show. The dancers, the music, the venue, this collaboration will be epic!" - Kurt Douglas, RDP Choreographer

Josh Knowles playing violin in rehearsal


Choreography: Ariel Rose
Music Arrangement: Josh Knowles
Dancers: Kirsten Evans, Alex Lantz
Musicians: Josh Knowles (violin), Daniel Hass (cello), Cameron MacIntosh (drums)

A reinterpretation of the Death Cab for Cutie song, Josh Knowles' hypnotic "Transatlanticism" layers strings, vocals, and percussion to create a stunning rise and fall. Miami City Ballet soloist Ariel Rose makes his RDP choreographic debut with an emotive pas de deux for dancers Kirsten Evans and Alex Lantz. 

Alex Lantz and Kirsten Evans in rehearsal

"A barrier of communication spanning life, love, and space."
-Choreographer Ariel Rose on his inspiration for Transalaticism

Dara Capley

New Work

Choreography: Dara Capley
Composer: Laden Valley
Dancers: Brenna DiFrancesco, Jacob Hoover, Joe Lynch
Musicians: Laden Valley

RDP Choreographer Dara Capley creates a pas de trois for dancers Brenna DiFrancesco, Jacob Hoover, and Joe Lynch (the latter two making their RDP debut). Local Newport band Laden Valley provides the hypnotic soundtrack with their song "In The Roses", off of their most recent studio album, Landline. 

Laden Valley

"Only One Flower in a Field"

Choreography: Katie Bickford
Composer: Daniel Hass
Dancer: Eugenia Zinovieva
Musician: Daniel Hass (cello)

Choreographer Katie Bickford makers her RDP debut with a solo for dancer Eugenia Zinovieva, also making her debut with the project. Music by RDP Composer and cellist Daniel Hass creates a sonic "escalation or a blooming, a feeling that starts deep inside and grows to almost overwhelm" for this provoking contribution to the program.

Katie Bickford and Eugenia Zinovieva in rehearsal

“With my piece 'Only One Flower in a Field' I wanted to evoke the experience of unity and joy that comes out of being completely alone. In writing for a single instrument, I wanted to explore a state of meditation, focusing on an internal sensation that begins in total isolation but ultimately leads to a sense of universality and connectedness. 

Together with the corporeal experience of dance, I hope the piece is like a reminder of the feeling of being a human on this earth—like a flower in a field, like our earth itself in the massive cosmos.” -Daniel Hass, Composer

Choreographer Ruka White makes his RDP debut with a small ensemble piece featuring the women of Revolve. RDP composer/musician Cameron. MacIntosh leads a jazz quartet in "Night In Tunisia", providing a lively soundtrack to this fun collaboration.

"Press-On Nails"
Choreography: Ruka White
Arrangement: Cameron MacIntosh 
Dancers: Kirsten Evans, Kailee Felix, Tegan Rich, Brenna Zgodić, Eugenia Zinovieva
Musicians: Jazz Quartet

"My work “Press-On Nails” is my tribute and dedication to every woman, everywhere. Women continue to fight and persevere against the ever-present force of a toxic patriarchy which preys upon their autonomy and sovereignty  as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. I say press-on, in style, and in flair for you are not alone!” -Ruka White

New Work
Choreographer: Ty Parmenter
Composer: Cameron MacIntosh
Dancers: Kailee Felix, Tegan Rich
Musicians: Jazz Quartet

Choreographer Ty Parmenter makes his RDP debut with a dynamic piece for dancers Kailee Felix and Tegan Rich, set to original music by RDP composer/drummer Cameron MacIntosh.

Kailee Felix
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